Frozen Berry Yogurt!

This Frozen Berry Yogurt is everything. It is so nutritious and tasty and definitely helped me lose weight. If you change your regular breakfast for this yogurt you will see results in one week.


I lost so much weight and I feel energized and light and it is all because I’ve completely changed my eating habits. It’s simple recipe and very easy to make.


If you have the right ingredients and you do not need to go to the grocery shop you will probably need less than a minute to make it. Try it out! You will love it!





  • 250g frozen mixed berry
  • 250g 0%-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp honey or agave syrup


First, prepare your fruit. Wash it good with water and cut the fruit in small pieces. Now, get your blender pour the berries, honey, yogurt and agave syrup and mix for 20 seconds until it becomes smooth ice – cream texture. Scoop into small bowls and your breakfast is ready.

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